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 About me

My interest in photography began in high school as an offshoot of television production classes. I continued to pursue it on a sporadic basis while getting a degree in Radio and Television at the University of Michigan. Upon graduation from Michigan, I moved to Silicon Valley where I spent 20 years traveling the world in support of the semiconductor business and pursuing my own interest in different cultures. During that time I captured many pictures in my memories, but few with a camera.

After leaving the full-time workforce, I re-discovered my love of photography while embarking on a journey to explore North America by traveling to major league baseball stadiums and their host cities. As I explored the world of baseball I began to look beyond the usual travel and sports images to see places in unique and different ways through the lens of my camera. I quickly discovered an interest in light and reflections - in architecture, in people and in nature.

Wishing to improve my skills as I moved to digital photography, I took classes for several years at West Valley College. Over the last five years I have become particularly interested in abstractions. I look for images that exist in our everyday world that we don't "see" as we make our way thru that world. In addition, I enjoy capturing moments of street life that are there for an instant and then gone forever.

I joined Maverick Photographers with a goal of exploring all the different aspects of photography as well as getting a chance to share my enthusiasm for the art form with others. Through Mavericks I have been giving a chance to expand both my skills and the subject matter of my images increasing my photographic vocabulary and adding to a rich enjoyment of the medium.

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